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Who Are We? 

Founded in 2020, Catch is an end-to-end Mobile Ordering Concessions Platform for pickup and delivery to fans and guests.

Our mission is to transform the way that sports and events are enjoyed by fans and guests. We believe that every time someone goes and watches their favorite team, they should be able to spend as much time as possible enjoying the game and creating unforgettable memories, and less time waiting in lines and missing the action.

Have you ever gone to grab food/drinks at a game, turn your back, and next thing you know the crowd is roaring and you don't know what happened? Well, that's what we are here to solve. Fans go to games to support their teams, not to wait in lines. Our mission is to make every fan and guest feel like a VIP by ordering their favorite concessions and drinks straignt from their phones. 

What Matters to Us?

What matters most to us is providing the best platform possible for the organizations that we work with. We are disrupting the industry, and want to walk hand-in-hand with our partners in their digital transformation.

We understand that each team, concessionaire, and organization is run differently and want to make sure that our partners are 110% satisfied each year using us. At the end of the day, we realize that making each concession stand happy and excited to use Catch to drive their sales and streamline operations is what matters to us. We are always gathering feedback to make our platform better and concessionaire's lives easier.

Team work

Why Catch?

We are changing the way in-person games and events are enjoyed. As we all live in these challenging times, having a partner that understands the current difficulties is more important now than ever.


Our platform was built on scalability. We can handle the influx of orders that can happen during any game, and have the customization to tailor menus and products for operational challenges (sold out items, refunds, etc.)

Integrate with other Apps

Since we are web-based, we can integrate with current apps already made for fans and guests. We make it as easy as possible for fans to order from their phones. 

Whether it's a QR code, a team app, or on the standalone platform, Catch is the easiest way to order concessions. With just a few taps, fans and order food and drinks, and concession stands can drive more sales.


24x7 Customer Support

We are here to help our partners out with their needs.

Our Customer Service team is available 24x7 to answer and assist.

Your success is our success.

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