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  • How Does the Mobile Ordering Work?
    Our Platform is the #1 in Mobile Ordering Usage at Venues because we completely tailor to back-of-house operations. The way that it works are there are 3 parts - The Fan, The Store, and The Admin. On The Fan Platform, fans are able to scan a QR code and order their favorite F&B right from their devices, no app download necessary. Once an order is placed, the fan will be texted a receipt as well as updates on their order. If it is a pickup order, they will be notified from The Store when their order is ready, and if it is for delivery, they will be notified that their order is in process of coming directly to them. The Store Platform is where your team receives and processes inbound orders from an Ipad or Tablet. From here, the back of house can see order information, as well as tailoring the experience for fans with customized order throttling, text updates, and so much more. Our Store Platform is a major reason to the success we have. The Admin Portal is where Partners go in and view Reporting, Manage Menus, and get the eye-in-the-sky view on how everything is doing within your business.
  • Does Catch Integrate with my Point of Sale?
    Catch can integrate with a variety of Points of Sale such as Square, Clover, Toast, and many others. For more information about Catch's POS integrations, fill out the Contact Form at the bottom of the Page.
  • How Do Customers/Fans Know When Their Order is Ready?
    Customers are texted every step of the way on their order status. When an order is Placed, they are texted a confirmation as well as a receipt. If the order is for Pickup, customers will be notified that their order is "Ready for Pickup" and to come up to get their items. If the order is for Deliver, customers will be notified that their order is "Accepted" from the kitchen and then when their order is handed over. Whenever an order is completed, each customers is texted again with an "Order Completed" message with the same link to the receipt, where they can order again! For any refunds or cancellations, customers are also texted that their order was cancelled/refunded.
  • How do we let customers know about Mobile Ordering? Do you provide QR Codes?
    We partner with each Organization that rolls out our Mobile Ordering by providing them QR codes and designs to put in front of customers, at no extra cost. We customize the designs and QR codes to every Organization, Team, Stadium, & Business to fit their needs. Every venue is different, and we work together to see what is possible to get QR codes in front of customers. To see examples of our Marketing in our Partner Venues, check out the Mobile Ordering Page on our site:
  • What sort of equipment is needed for Catch?
    Our equipment setup is extremely easy and simple to get up and running. Each Mobile Ordering Store requires a tablet, either by using an Ipad from us or by using a pre-existing Tablet a Partner might have. We also offer receipt printers as well that are fully compatible with out system. The option for a receipt printer is up to each and every Partner to see what would work best for back-of-house operations. For our Point of Sale, we provide Card Readers that can accept all major and minor credit/debit transactions.
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